Where can I get my own copy of the CBA/FPPP Sections most relevant to Me as a Lecturer?

Want information about how you will be evaluated, what the sick leave policy is, when you qualify for benefits, and MORE?

You have come to the right place. 

Links to this information can be found at 


Here are specifics:


Article 11 Personnel Files (More in FPPP 3.0
Article 12 Appointment (3 year appt, after 6 or more years of consecutive service
Article 15.23 Evaluation (More in FPPP 8.0-8.2)
Article 24 Sick Leave (see also FPPP 1.1.n)
Article 26 Fee waiver (temp faculty w/3 year appointment
Article 31 Salary
Article 32 Benefits
FPPP 1.0; 1.1 e; & Appendix III Responsibilities and ethical reqs; including office hours and Faculty Code of Ethics.