What does it take for a Lecturer at Chico State to receive an Academic Appointment Form (AAF)?

Here is the answer from Faculty Affairs:


1.       A year in advance, department chairs build the class/course schedule and begin to identify faculty to teach the courses offered.


2.       Four months in advance, students begin to registration for classes.  Registration closes approximately 3 weeks before school starts.  About a week later, registration reopens for 10 days, approximately a week before the semester starts.  During this time department chairs add and drop courses depending on student demand, high and low enrollment, then they assign faculty to courses.


3.       Once all the courses for a department/unit are assigned, the department chair provides the dean’s office with a report listing the courses and workload for each faculty in that unit. 


4.       The dean will review and approve the courses and course load for each dept/unit/faculty and consult with the department chair if consultation is required.


5.       The dean will submit the approved report to the college AA/S who will enter/create/generate an Academic Appointment Form (AAF) for each temporary faculty employee (including coaches, counselors and librarians), then forward the completed AAF’s to the department chair for approval and signature.  (Each AAF takes approximately 20 minutes to generate.)


6.       Upon receipt, the AAF’s are reviewed, approved, and signed by the department chair.


7.       The AAF’s are then returned to the dean’s office for correction and/or timebase adjustment (if needed), and/or signature/approval by the dean.


8.       After the dean signs, the AAF’s are walked over to the Office of Faculty Affairs for review, verifications, livescan completion confirmation, etc., then given to the AVP (or designee) for signature and final approval.  (College AA/S’ are contacted for corrections and if needed.)


9.       Once the AVP for Faculty Affairs signs, the AAF’s are logged out, and the College AA/S’ are notified to come pick them up.


10.   The college AA/S’ pick up the AAF’s from FAAF, then distribute them to faculty for signature. 



Q&A: And how long does it take in general for an Academic Appointment Form to be ready for faculty signature?


A timeline below shows the approximate amount of time it takes for an Academic Appointment Form to be ready for faculty signature, starting with Step 3 above - the chair’s report being provided to the dean’s office.  Please keep in mind, generating AAF’s is a priority for everyone (dean’s, AA/S’, chairs, FAAF), however it is not the only task being handled by the individuals involved which is why each step has a date range next to it.


Step 4:  1-3 days

Step 5:  3-5 days

Step 6:  1-2 days

Step 7:  2-4 days

Step 8:  2-3 days (but can be several weeks pending livescan clearances)

Step 9:  0 (included in Step 8)

Step 10:  1-4 days (depending on who the AA/S might have available to come over and pick-up the AA/F’s, if the faculty is on campus, etc.)


Best case scenario is a 10 day turn-around time or 2 weeks (with 5 work days each in them).  The average is a 3 week turn-around time.  If livescan (background check for newly employed lecturers) or corrections need to be made, then more delays occur.  


Please remember again that the above process (steps 3 and onward) is initiated when the teaching schedule is complete and the report of the faculty schedules/courses/timebase/WTU is presented to the dean’s office of a specific college for approval and AAF generation. ​