How much office time must I make available for student consults?

Here is guidance on what the College of Business requires:


The Fall 2013 COB policy manual contains the following on office hours:
The FPPP (Section 1.1.e) states:
“A full-time faculty member with a 12-unit (or more) teaching load shall be available for consultation in his/her office for an aggregate time of five hours per week. Such office hours shall be scheduled at times and on days when affected students are normally in attendance. This provision shall be applied pro rata for faculty with less than a 12-unit teaching load.”
Faculty in the College of Business with a 9-unit (or more) teaching load may list one of these hours as “by appointment.” Thus:
Teaching          Office              May Include
Load (units)    Hours              1 Hr. by Appt?
12+                  5                      yes
9 – 11              4                      yes
6 – 8                3                      no
3 – 5                2                      no
Of note is that one hour can be by appointment for those teaching 3 or more sections.