Welcome New Faculty Old and New

09/06/2016 08:04

Welcome New Faculty and Friends Old and New

An engaging and informative time was had by the many participants in our first formal New Faculty Orientation.

Of course, no few hours’ time could ever cover all the subject matter. Topics such as grading, CATME, Blackboard Learn and virtually everything else warrant much more detail.  We appreciate the time our speakers took to help us begin to grapple with the many resources and challenges we all face, such as developing an attendance policy and working with judicial affairs.

Student Malfoy finds himself in relentless defense of his Professor’s persistent assertion that he “was never in class.”

Mike Rehg, David Agoff, Rick Hubbard and I will soon review the feedback we received to see what else we might plan for this semester in response to participants’ comments.

The Search for the Holy Grail –

Revealed at Last?

Have you ever ventured into the Land of !@#$%! to try to print student rosters with photos without cutting and pasting, casting spells, or shopping for browsers? This is a magic only a few have been able to conjure. I myself have tried techniques that were supposed to do the trick to no avail. For those of you who have been similarly frustrated - search no more.

Joe Liu found this “how to” link, with step-by-step instructions for printing rosters with pictures, which henceforth shall now be found in the annals of this blog in FAQs.  YOU MUST USE MOZILLA’S FIREFOX! Joe, Maria Mendez and I immediately tested this finding and voila, produced our picture rosters.  (This is one trick you can try at home – it worked for Marc Siegall, too). Click here for the how-to link, which you will also find in FAQs.


Actual photo of students who know that you know their names

Finally, for those who attended the New Faculty Orientation – as you implement ideas or find solutions to challenges please share them so we can share with one another. I left the meeting and, per David Agoff’s suggestion, prepared a bio to post on my course websites. David puts one right on his syllabus. It would be great if we had bios from everyone; I tried to post those on the blog, but had few responses. We’ll give it another try if we receive enough of them. It’s nice to know what others are up to in terms of life interests, experiences, and focus. The influences we have upon one another, whether large or small, will surely lead to continued progress within the College of Business in all kinds of ways. And if we had a sense of what others would like to do, maybe we can find even more ways to support one another.

Welcome to President Gayle Hutchinson

We love this photo taken at her convocation, as she shares the limelight with many including The College of Business’ own Carol Trivedi, standing to the left of President Hutchison. Carol, by the way, is often very close to where the action is!

I always wonder where she'll turn up next...


Have a wonderful semester!

In the immortal words of David Agoff: