Week 4 - Business Planning is for Everyone

02/08/2020 11:08

As we say in business, if you want to be successful in anything, you better have a plan. This week is all about planning, so you can position yourself to be successful. And as I like to say, what works for business works for life. And vice versa.

The example above is a simple Management by Objective Worksheet.  MBO, favored by some companies (Google, Intel, etc) and less so in others, is still an excellent way to figure your way through to achieving some goal. This one, above,  focuses on self-improvement and motivation. 

 Once you finish the Chapter 5 reading and we go through the slides, it'll be easy to see that planning, plus monitoring and controlling for results, can enable you and your business to achieve the fantastic results you hope for. 

Planning in Business.pptx (1533899)