Week 2 - Chapter Three - Responsibility and Accountability

01/24/2020 15:09

Homework: Please Read Chapter Three This Week

Group Quiz on Chapter One This Week

Note: Mid Term Will Be Wednesday March 11

Your reading of Chapter One probably led you to the part that refers to employers' perceptions of many new college graduates. According to research, many find that those fresh out of college have skills gaps - specifically, in critical thinking, written communication, and evaluating information. Therefore, it's important that you spend time reflecting on how you will, or could use, the learning of this and every course you take to your advantage.

This week we will finish slides from Week One and take a look at what Chapter 3 offers. As always, there is a lot there, so as usual, I have condensed key book learnings. I appreciate those of you who have procured the book - it will help you make sense of all the information you will receive.

This week, time permitting, we'll do a group challenge set as well.

Chapter 3 Key Highlights.pptx (889451)

This week, the slides are the study guide - you'll need to understand these basic concerns of today's organizations, so be sure you can explain terms such as external environment, internal environment, the task environment, etc.


ono.pptx (103924)

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