Week 1 - The Exceptional Manager

12/21/2019 19:12

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Have you ever worked for a bad manager?

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Google “the study of management” and you’ll find a definition like this one:

The study of management provides future business leaders with a sound working knowledge of policies, procedures and practices that govern business and social operations and, in turn, allows them to understand and control organizational growth. Management study includes an exploration of policies and practices as they relate to corporate growth.

Fair enough, but there is so much more. I promise you, if you take this study to heart you, too, will find yourself a better manager of most anything you set out to do – including “becoming my best self,” a lifelong effort. After years of management practice, 6.3 of them as CEO, I’m here to tell you that self-organization and commitment will help you succeed anywhere you want to be, as you help others become their best selves. To me, that’s always been the basis of management. Management is both art and science, and much can be learned. 

Important note: Read your text. Your text is the basis of quizzes and tests. I cannot cover all the readings as assigned to you on the syllabus in class – to do so would ensure a very boring class (and believe me, I’ve tried!) I like engaging classes, so please rent or buy the assigned text for the course. It will be difficult to do well in the course without it. 

Assigned Texts and Materials

  • Management A Practical Introduction. By Angelo Kinicki & Brian K. Williams 9th edition. ISBN: 978-1-260-07511-3.   Connect will NOT be used in my course. It's not expensive on Amazon. Choose any edition.

Assigned Chapter this Week - Chapter 1

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Be able to explain the difference between planning and organizing
Understand the FOUR Management Functions. Hint: POLC - understand what each function entails.
Consider the many ways businesses are dependent upon innovation to stay relevant.
Understand that continuous learning is, according to employers today, the most valuable thing you can offer today's organization.
Employers surveys indicate that there are gaps in the skills sets of many young job candidates. What are they? Critical thinking is one of them...the rest?
What EXACTLY is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?
Mitzberg described three fundamental roles managers assume. What are they? Interpersonal is one...the rest?
Describe the management philosophy referred to in your text as "sustainability."

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