The New Season of Fiery Everything

02/11/2017 19:41

Behold this Season of Fiery Everything

Our COB Spring launch Meeting was afire with its passionate response to Peter Straus' announcement – yes, this is the year of fiery thinking. Perhaps after week one, we are little bit tired, yet we affirm:

Creative Teamwork at the COB Gets the Job Done Every Time


Catch fire we will, because the folks of the College of Business have already done it many times before.

Here are a few of the highlights Dean Hennessey shared with us at the Launch Meeting.

Our Accounting Department has distinguished itself, notably for the outstanding student CPA pass rate of 51.4%.  Jeffrey Decker has been behind the great work of the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program, which is of inestimable value to those in need of tax service, as well as the students who gain practical and civic experience.

Tim Heinz filled us in on the continuous successes and plans for 2017 at the Seufferlein Sales Center.  The supportive staff members of the COB who do so much to keep the Center on track deserve our acknowledgement and thanks, too.

We tracked many interesting start-ups among student groups last semester. I was a proud and satisfied customer of some of Colleen Robb’s students’ initiatives. I gave the products they produced as holiday gifts.

And speaking of a mind on fire, many of us were able to welcome Curt De Berg back to the classroom. As you know, Curt’s been waylaid as a result of many injuries sustained in an accident. 

We have missed you, Curt.


At the COB Meeting, Did Bonnie Create a List of 24 Reasons Why AASCB is So Important to Us [Completely on Her Own, in a Few Minutes’ Time at Ken’s Prompt (!)]

Indeed she did. I snagged this photo as proof that Bonnie’s whole head apparently is afire, as we strive to ignite our own innovative, razor sharp thinking. You go girl.


On a Flaming End Note

By the way, Peter Strauss inadvertently reminded me of one of my favorite books of all time in his urging us all into fiery thinking mode. Here’s an example of another true Mind on Fire. (Click above link for title and details).

It’s a fantastic bio of Ralph Waldo Emerson. A reviewer recounts something surprising about a peculiar habit of Emerson:

Samuel Johnson, who was himself one of the most accomplished readers in the history of civilization, once said that we have more of a need to reread than to read. But he also once quipped, "What, you read books all the way to the end?"

Emerson did not read books all the way to the end. But like Johnson and other great readers, he had a genius for picking out the most important points. What Boswell wrote of Johnson is true also of Emerson: "He had a peculiar facility in seizing at once what was valuable in any book, without submitting to the labor of perusing it from beginning to end."

In a way, is that not what we do with students, find what’s valuable within - without having access to “the entire book” - and develop it?

If you have a favorite book, or many, please let me know.

Most importantly, call or write me if you need a writer/reporter to keep others at the COB (and beyond) up to date on what’s happening in your piece of campus real estate. If I’m not in class, I am able to take pictures, report, and generally support what’s happening wherever you are.