The Mixologist and the Mashup

03/31/2017 23:33

The Mixologist and the Mashup

As students (and some faculty) know, the word “mashup” refers to a mixture or fusion of disparate elements. It’s traditionally been used as a form of tech-speak or in relation to music mixing, but its use has expanded to encompass more with the passing years. Today it means whatever’s blended that creates something greater than the mere sum of its parts.  There’s even a cocktail called Mashup.  

We are a mashup culture, a complex blend of disparate elements – in the case of people, we are a blend-within-a blend.  As Ovid remarks in Metamorphosis, we two form multitudes.  Mixologist as alchemist; anyone who teaches understands the complexity of personal impact, times many. We are systems dynamos.

 In many fields, cumulative years of age don’t always add up to increased relevance. But in education, it most certainly can, even if we are a decade (or two, or three, or more) ahead of our students.

 I’m reminded of just how much we have to give whenever I hear students speak of where they’re going and what they’re doing under faculty supervision, and what the educators of the College of Business are working on for the benefit of people, businesses, and the community.

News from the Departments: Boomers + GenX + Millennials = NextGen

Bill Maligie: "Supply Chain Excellence is a Journey"

That tagline is associated with APICS – The American Production and Inventory Control Society. For our supply chain students, the journey was literal as they traveled with Bill to compete in the APICS West Coast Student Case Competition. “Five of our supply chain students competed in February alongside teams from University of San Diego, Arizona State, Texas Christian, Cal Poly, Northridge, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and others,” notes Bill.

Teams participating in the APICS West Coast Student Case Competition were given a supply chain problem to be solved using a computer simulation game involving a specialty beverage company. The challenge involved increasing return on investments in constrained environments. Three rounds simulated two years of business activity. Teams presented their analyses of issues, solutions, and rationales for their decisions.

Judges were APICS members holding senior Supply-Chain Management positions in a wide variety of industries. Participant teams were judged on the basis of final ROI of the company and their presentations.

The Chico State team was awarded third place in a tough competition that enabled them to participate in a real-world simulation. Just as importantly, the students had an opportunity to network with Supply-Chain management professionals from across the Western States, and fellow students from other universities.

Bill also offered experiences above and beyond the competition, including taking the students on a factory tour of Airtech International.  But that’s not all:

"The beach photo is from Crescent Bay (North Laguna Beach)," Bill told me in an email.  "We had time on our way to LA to stop at one of my favorite High School spots. It was between storms and I got some amazing photos with my PHONE, LOL." 

LOL indeed - see what I mean? Alchemy. It’s what makes the difference in lives and livelihoods, and the photo illustrates profoundly the difference between “teaching” and “being there.” 

Here's someone else who's great at that skill:


Kristin Minetti– Delta Sigma Pi and American Marketing Association

Kristin offers photos of recent DSP and AMA events, including ones with alumni meeting with students associated with the clubs she advises. Kristin writes,

“Delta Sigma Pi is off to a great start this semester with 18 new pledges!  The event in the photo involved recent alumni from the fraternity coming back and sharing why the pledge process was such an important part of their personal and professional development. 

For AMA, the photo below is of their second meeting of the semester, which featured a speaker from Tesla talking about networks within LinkedIn." 

"AMA has been doing a great job providing students with hands-on experience. This organization now has more than 60 members, compared to 19 last year. Spring break week they headed to the International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans."  

They are there as I write this - what a wonderfully historic place to meet, network, and learn. Thanks for sharing this Kristin, and congratulations on your, and the groups', many successes.


Tim Kizirian and the Pursuit of the Best

I checked in with Tim to see what was happening with the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance (VITA)  team working with Jeff Decker. He replied: “We are still waiting for the numbers to come in. I expect to hear a college wide update from Jeff Decker soon.  We are shooting for 110% this year, let’s see if we achieve that goal!”  

My money’s on the VITA team.

While I had Tim on the e-line, as it were, I let him know that the day prior, a student we'd shared a few semesters back contacted me to let me know she’d landed a job as a comptroller.  “I made it!” she said. “It’s more responsibility than I ever thought I’d have.”

That Tim wrote back with such obvious regard for the student is further testimony that we do serve our students well by caring about them, and preparing them for what's up ahead. And considering the input of the educators above, the College experience is itself a lot like the world of the workplace.  We make it so.

As Gayle Hutchinson noted during her recent installation as our President:

 “Together, we will work as one University; breaking down silos, removing institutional barriers, and encouraging innovations so that we serve our students better and promote their success through applied instruction and engaged learning, community service and civic engagement, and global and multicultural education. And, we will improve upon and make sustainable the means by which we provide support for students’ personal well-being.”

We have much to look forward to, and here at the College of Business, we clearly support that commitment and do our part to exemplify all that it means.


Late Breaking News – Don’t Miss This


We in the College of Business have our very own Most Interesting Man in the World, and that would be David Halimi. Words fail me when I try to describe just what he’s been able to accomplish within the University, The College of Business, the Community, and beyond.  So click here and let the professionals take over.

Congratulations, David, on accomplishment # 3,452 or whatever number it is. You are more than a man; you are a force to be reckoned with.

Finally – On Keeping Me Posted on Who’s Who and What’s Happening in the COB

Thank You

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