The Gift Edition

11/28/2015 21:49


For some of us the holiday week ahead may also be a time to review and finish proposals. Here’s a handy tool to help you fill in all the blanks left to complete, one for which we can truly be thankful.  It purports to be useful especially for writing reports for accreditation purposes, and one can never get started too early.

Amazing Academic Tool

Actual Astonished Reaction of Reviewer Perusing Impressive Report/Proposal

There is, of course, also a special tool just for us at the College of Business, and wherever else we practice our art:  Essential Business Phrase Generator

Such tools help us to avoid being “that professor/lecturer/leader” known to repeat the same tired phrases repeatedly during presentations and conference calls. Some of my students have a hard time believing me when I tell them that, even during the highest level staff meetings, certain groups of us played “b******* bingo” with real prizes surreptitiously awarded during later, private get-togethers; this was the only antidote we knew to raise our awareness so the oft-repeated phrases emerging from our senior leaders’ mouths would not one day come out of our own. (Although I'm afraid they sometimes do.) The game also helped keep us awake.

Actual BS Bingo game played at The Roche Group Annual Meeting, Fall 2007

Test your skill. Count the clichés in the following:

At the end of the day, no matter how tantalizing the prospect of synergistically incubating cross-media networks may be, or how many compelling niche market opportunities await, sometimes you just gotta say, quietly to a partner, or perhaps only to yourself: “This is all such b******.”      But not on Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving We Play

Seriously, we also remember all we have, for which we are truly and humbly thankful.


     Now, A Class Note

I’ve placed a heading under Ideas & Experiments called Speakers. You never know when you can use a good one, and the best can address themselves to many topics. If you know of anyone who enjoys speaking to students, let me know what topics they are able to address and how best to contact them. I’d be happy to put them on the list.

Already on the list is my friend, Sylvia Bowersox. This week she spoke to my MGMT440 Global Corporate Responsibility Class, ably handling a range of relevant topics. Sylvia is a journalist, author and U.S. Army Reserve veteran who has held key communications positions in the military, serving as U.S. Public Affairs Officer and Press Officer for the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. Her last position was as Chief of Media Relations for the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction.

Last week’s tragedy in Paris happened to correspond to recent class discussions about ethical organizational resource management during times of stress and war. These events, and Sylvia coming in to talk with us about how military communication is handled and delivered in numerous directions – how news outlets, soldiers and citizens alike are managed – drew some remarkable discussions from the students. Included among my 440 class are exchange students from Europe, a Marine Corps veteran, and a young man with knowledge of how few resources are actually available to many troops, before, during and after deployment and discharge. The discussion provided much food for thought among young adults learning about the social responsibilities of organizations, and one of the best classes of our semester together.

I would be remiss if I did not express great gratitude to our veterans on behalf of all of us at the College of Business. We have a few on our faculty; thanks to each of you.

 Sylvia Bowersox and the super students of MGMT440 - Global Corporate Social Responsibility Class


Esteemed Educator of the Week

I don’t have a faculty profile this week, but fortunately we have this good news to take its place.

 Peter Straus certainly pulled off his Elevator Pitch Contest successfully, generating enthusiasm among the many students who participated, and instructors who encouraged them. It was great fun, and no tribute can be better expressed than the one Jim Downing wrote to honor our colleague:

“Please join me in congratulating Peter Straus on another successful Center for Entrepreneurship event.  Last night was the “First Ever Elevator Pitch Contest,” attended by over 175 students with 50 student entries from at least three different colleges.  There were six students that shared $1,000 in prize money.

There was a tremendous amount of energy from the students making 90-second elevator pitches.  The vision of Peter Straus was to produce a new entrepreneurship event that would reach across campus to get students from all colleges excited about entrepreneurship.  Not only did he reach his goal but the event exceeded everyone’s expectations.  It was an excellent event.

Again, please join me in congratulating Peter Straus, his staff, and the entrepreneurship program for truly advancing entrepreneurship throughout the Chico State campus.  Well done!!

Well done indeed. I’m looking forward to touching base with winners I happen to know.