The Exceptional Manager

12/21/2019 18:46

Google “the study of management” and you’ll find a definition like this one:

The study of management provides future business leaders with a sound working knowledge of policies, procedures and practices that govern business and social operations and, in turn, allows them to understand and control organizational growth. Management study includes an exploration of policies and practices as they relate to corporate growth.

Fair enough, but there is so much more. I promise you, if you take this study to heart you, too, will find yourself a better manager of most anything you set out to do – including “becoming my best self,” a lifelong effort. After years of management practice, 8 of them as CEO, I’m here to tell you that self-organization and commitment will help you succeed anywhere you want to be, as you help others become their best selves. To me, that’s always been the basis of management.

This week we examine questions like:

-          What is a good manager? What’s a bad one? What constitutes "excellent executive functioning"?

-          Where do the soft skills, or non-cognitive skills fit into the managerial mindset, and why are they crucial?

-          What do today's employers say is lacking in today's young workforce, and how can you overcome the deficits they perceive?

Important note: Read your text. Your text is the basis of quizzes and tests. I cannot cover all the readings as assigned to you on the syllabus in class – to do so would ensure a very boring class (and believe me, I’ve tried!) I like engaging classes, so please rent or buy an edition of the text.