The College Fear Factor

09/17/2015 21:28

COB Professors and Lecturers are active participants in CELT’s 2015 Conference on the topic of True Grit for Learning. Would you like to attend, but are concerned about time away from your office, class coverage, etc.? If so, Department of Management faculty should contact our Department Chair Mike Rehg, who wholeheartedly supports our participation at this event. Those in other Departments, please check with your Chair.

Speaking of Concerns, or Even Fears…

I’ve been reading Rebecca D. Cox’s book,  The College Fear Factor: How Students and Professors Misunderstand One Another.

I took it up on the basis of looking at some of Ken Bain’s research on the topic, specifically his opinion that good educators tend to assume their students can learn at a high level, and that they (educators) understand enough about how people learn to be able to support in-depth learning.

Dr. Cox, considering the above, reminds us that “to do so…is no simple task. It presupposes a level of pedagogical skill that goes far beyond knowledge of subject matter or the application of generic teaching techniques.” 

My other work life involves enabling “life skill capacity” in developmentally challenged individuals, requiring a lot of time and energy – yet I find teaching college students equally, if not more demanding in those areas, especially when their learning process occasionally looks something like this:


It’s a good thing that we have one another to turn to for insights.

COB Brown Bag Lunch Series (BBLS) to the Rescue

Are you moved by our collective plight, and do you find satisfaction in sharing ideas with colleagues about teaching and delivering on research potential? Please join Hyunjung Kim and a team of educators meeting on Wednesday, Sept 16th, at noon in Tehama 301. Bring lunch and come hear Jim Downing talk about Rural Entrepreneurship. It’s understood you may need to come and go.

By the Way, Are You Going?

“Fearless” happens to describe our resident cattle rustling team, Positive Calf Flow.  As I wrote last week, they’re showing off their herding skills on September 16th at the 21st National Bull Riding Championship Finals starting at 7:00 PM at Silver Dollar Fairgrounds in Chico.  Find out what I mean when I say our home team is terrific, and that’s no bull. Get Show Information Here

Speaking of Going and Gone....

Retired (and presumably much more relaxed) Professor Emerita Susan Gardner extends her greetings to us from her beautiful country home, and contributes the following for our perusal. Thanks, Susan, for the update from the “other side” of our workaday lives. May we one day too have our date with blissful R&R on an extended basis.


And Because it’s Hard to Find the Time…

Rick Hubbard has reached into his bottomless bag of application tricks and offers us an alternative to Doodle - a cool scheduling app to try. Rick, you always seem to know when there’s an even better “app for that.”

See you next time, depending on the news cycle. Rumor has it a new College Landmark Trivia game is soon to be released to help new faculty get oriented, and to help not-new faculty remember where they are going. Stay tuned.