The Club Edition

02/26/2017 12:07

The Club Edition


Those who ask David Agoff about lessons he enjoys sharing with students will find he’s quick to extoll the benefits of Dale Carnegie’s approach to relationship-building and living a good life.  

In addition to the student-led parts of the meeting, David offers techniques to support students' interests in management. Last week, he counseled on the importance of remembering names and engaging in easy conversation with others. Dale Carnegie, the brand, has been around a long time; I wondered if today’s students would find it as relevant as the older generation has, so I decided to pay them a visit. 

I found the Management Club students enthusiastically embraced the concepts and welcomed practicing techniques for engagement. I can also report that it works: David’s students who recognize me don’t hesitate to smile and greet me by name. I only wish I knew all of theirs!  Click here if you’re interested in techniques to help you remember names.


Student Drivers Ahead, So Beware of Impact – Net Impact,That is

Net Impact is a global campus organization supported by prominent, internationally recognized firms including Unilever, Toyota, Walmart, Paul Newman’s brands, and others.  Bonnie Persons, a faculty advisor to the group, supplied highlights about an organization that depends upon "student drivers," who, supported by experienced sustainability experts, shape projects and internships under the broad topic of sustainability. She reports in a recent email: 

Net Impact (NI) is a sustainability organization which started as an MBA program initiative in several Ivy League schools.  CSU Chico was one of the first undergraduate programs in the country to gain chapter status.  The NI mission is "changing the world through sustainable business." 

Our CSU Chico NI intern programs have a strong legacy which was achieved working alongside our determined sister campus and community organizations.  The CSU Chico NI Chapter has held many top national awards for its campus and community projects.  Further, it has received the coveted "Greenie" award.  


Bonnie's co-advising Net Impact's Chico Chapter with the Department Chair in Geologic and Environmental Sciences, David Brown. Bonnie and Dave would like to remind you that they're interested in supporting original ideas and projects to create meaningful internships to help students achieve the fullest “net impact” of their educations possible. If you know a someone seeking an  internship opportunity shaped around a sustainability topic that interests them, please email Bonnie at  Net Impact can help make the most of a student's vision to contribute to a better world.


What does it Take to Be a Good Faculty Advisor?

Newer faculty may not be aware of what is expected of educators interested in serving this way. There are operational aspects, but as shown above, if you and/or those you know have particular skills to help students round out their educational experience, that's a great start. I asked Heather Kilcoyne, the incredibly efficient Administrative Support Coordinator in the Department of Management, if anything existed in writing. Within minutes she responded with the following information, which will help you decide if this is a responsibility you might be interesting in taking on someday. Thank you Heather!

All the way at the bottom of the page above, there is a document called The Role of the Student Organization Advisor by Paul A. Bloland:


On the Town with Department of Management Folks

For some time Jim Downing has been arranging informal meet-ups on behalf of the Department of Management.  Be on the lookout for those invites as they pop into your mailbox; our meet-up last Friday offered fun and mutual support, which are basically the only two items on the agenda. Besides eating and drinking, that is. 

Here’s a fine photo of two gentlemen, Jim Downing and Kim Hinrichs, and what appears to be a ghost of days gone by. Allegedly some places in Chico are haunted, but this particular eerie figure – well, he looks kind of familiar.

Please keep us posted on what you or your students are up to in efforts to give others a leg up on the path to meet their goals. Perhaps there are other ways you offer support to faculty, the students, the campus, the community.  We can't all be everywhere, and we want to know - it's good to see how we each make a difference in ways large and small.