Save Ken Chapman The Agony of Additional Meetings: PLEASE READ NOW

03/26/2016 19:39

Wow, did the 25th get here already. Yep, sure did.


Just one more friendly reminder to go into your Activity Insight profile and add a new resume and update other fields, especially those noted in the attached.


I have noticed that quite a few of you have updated your profile – Thanks.


For those of you that haven’t updated your profile, doesn’t this seem like a wonderful plan for this Easter Weekend? Easter egg hunt, time with family, or updating AI. The choice is clear.


Seriously, we need these updated. The chairs, dean and I will be looking at these profiles to make sure everyone is correctly qualified according to our faculty qualification (FQ) standards. Folks that don’t’ have any, or updated, information in their profile risk being incorrectly categorized, and this may lead to calling a meeting with you to get the information that wasn’t available.


Thanks for your work on this.


Kenneth J. Chapman, Ph.D. 

Associate Dean

Professor of Marketing
Department of Finance and Marketing
College of Business
California State University, Chico
Chico, CA 95929-0051

Office: Tehama 315
Office phone: 530-898-4820