Lighten The Burden of Perpetual Busy-ness

01/16/2018 19:10

Thanksgiving, along with most of this year, is now past, leaving us reflecting on that marvel of syntactic ambiguity, Time flies like an arrow; fruit flies like a banana.

Inspired in part by Colleen Robb’s #GratitudeWins, I’m trying to enlarge my aptitude for gratitude, as any earnest light-chaser would. We know what to do: at the end of the day, no matter what happens, list five things you’re grateful for. But in the true managerial spirit of break-it-down-and-get-it-done, I like to spread the light by communicating thanks throughout the day.

I only hope this handy tool helps you as much as it has me.  I ask one favor in return. If you know I am, or should be, thankful for something you did or didn’t do on my behalf, please fill this in, and I’ll sign it. Stop by my office for a pre-signed version, and by the way…thanks for being you, and a part of my cosmic journey.

The Unbearable Lightness of (Human) Being

I swiped this nice picture from our official, and very professionally done, College of Business blog. It's a great photo of our beloved students.

I Like to Believe, I Have to Believe, We're Working to Help Create a Marvelous Future

For Kristin's Little Guy

KAll the things - This way to the future

I Am Grateful For Our Picnic Food Trucks, Music, and Yes, the People of the COB

  Cupcake Crusader, Need I Say More?

All the things - Eat

Visitors Arrive From Other Side To Share Good News: There is Light and Life in Retirement

But Guess What, We Also Have Fun at Our Brown Bag Meetings, Business Writing Workshops, Etc....and Even in Class.

Wherever We Are, the Light Follows Us

Two Things I Am Personally Grateful For This Semester

Number One: Hyunjung Kim, Joe Liu, Kim Hinrichs, Mike Rehg, Mitch Casselman, Maria Mendez, Ghadir Ishqaidef, Marc Siegall, and Bonnie Persons, thank you for supporting me as I prepared to present at the University of New Mexico's Tenth Annual Mentoring Conference. I learned all about making one paper suit many purposes and find new publication outlets through...more work. This one was the start...uh, maybe the end, BUT wow, what a door-opening experience, with lots more opportunities I mean, chase light :-)  Today-s Leaders are Learners.pdf (320308)  


Number Two:  My challenging summer had its darker, more introspective moments, but then, lo and behold, while at the Sac airport I stumbled upon a scene that lightened my mood a lot.  I disguised his gentleman's identity, in case he works on campus, but not his incredible legs. A brilliant touch - tan lines instead of socks, neatly settling the "socks - or not?" fashion dilemma faced by so many men of his generation. Well done, sir, and thank you for the smile. 

Have You Heard?


If you haven’t had a chance to hear the Caffeinated Cats Podcast, I urge you to give it a try. I started listening to it a few weeks back, and was entertained and encouraged by its no-holds-barred, feather-ruffling honesty, even in casual discussion with President Gayle Hutchinson. The campus is filled with good people thinking good thoughts. Please give a listen if you haven’t already.  Find out how to download episodes on the reg on their Facebook page.     




Marc made a little project of lighting up his little Star Trek scene. He sends you greetings from far away in another galaxy.

All the things - Light the darkness


I have it on good authority that our own Kelsey Horne is spearheading a project of the Dean’s Office next semester. As others have expressed eloquently in past meetings, we have the highest regard for Dean Judy Hennessey, and are thankful for all she does to represent us within our College, and on Campus. So, stay tuned for details. Let’s support her project as it rolls out.            

All the things - do it for the dean and the cob

Remembering the “Reason for the Season”

As a spiritual world-traveler, I wonder how a casual newsletter should end in an inclusive way at this time of year. Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays! Have a Nice Break!  Bah.

 I am striving for something true, timeless and original. 

Using a technique I refer to as a personal “Emergency Internal Board Meeting,” I conjured images of a beloved Rabbi, an honorable Reverend, and a beloved Imam. We had just settled within my (light filled, imaginary) “Internal Conference Chamber” when I heard a knock. More help had arrived.  Once assembled, I asked for words that included the world of people, within the people, that I knew. “I want to respect faiths and their lineage,” I said. In my head.

1) “Understand that the reason for the season is love. Wish for them what everyone needs most: love.”

2) The Greek god Nike, who appeared out of nowhere like a commercial message because he doesn’t even exist, seconded response #1, saying, yeah, love, Just Do It, before bouncing off.

 3) “Why waste time brooding when you could be stringing pearls for the delight of the heavens?” (Silly Rabbi).

 4) “I appreciate the struggle, and the place it came from. Go, and do no harm.”

5) “Don’t get attached to answers to such questions or even the question itself; only he or she without ego or attachments grasps the meaning of anything.”

6) “Agreed, what you seek is already there, in and around you. It overcomes without competing, it answers without speaking a word, arrives without being summoned, accomplishes without a plan. Its net covers the entire universe. And though its meshes are wide, it doesn’t let a thing, or single being, slip through.”  

And lastly, #7:

 All the things - Do Be  Do Be Do    (Frank Sinatra, is that you?)

Meditating upon all this, an answer emerged. The image of a meme came unto me, and for the year 2017, my work in this space is complete.


All the things - Follow the muse







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