Important From Ken Chapman - BBL Resource

01/25/2016 21:02

Hi folks,


As I mentioned at the faculty meeting, I have put together a COB Resource Center in BBLearn. Sign into your portal, access Blackboard Learn, and in My Organizations, you should now see College of Business Resource Center. Here you will find access to wonderful and stimulating information like:

·        Commonly Used Documents... and Other Good Stuff

o   Student assistant request form

o   Core syllabus template

o   Instructions how to access and use CATME (teamwork software - great for doing on-line team peer evaluations)

o   Instructions how to access QuestionPro (online survey software)

o   Linda Clark-Borre's incredibly useful, entertaining, and just darn awesome site to help new and established instructors prosper.

o   Cabell's - access to Cabell's directory of journals - good way to find publication outlets and get a sense for the quality of the journal

o   Respondus - create and post exams on BBlearn. 

·        COB Strategic Plan 2015 – 2020: Learn about the College's five year plan, vision, mission and goals.

·        AACSB Accreditation: Summary of Standards, AACSB Standards, Assurance of Learning (AoL) AACSB White Paper

·        Faculty Qualifications Policy: All faculty should be familiar with the FQ policy. As an AACSB accredited university, the COB needs to meet certain FQ ratios. Note – AACSB faculty qualifications set a minimum for RTP, but they should not be interpreted as RTP standards. RTP standards are set by departments.

·        Activity Insight Information (Digital Measures): Information how to access the site and input information. Faculty are expected to keep their Activity Insight data current. The information from this database is used to help determine, and calculate FQ. The site allows faculty to easily maintain and update their professional activities and will automatically generate a nice looking resume.

·        Assurance of Learning (AoL): Here you will find an overview of our AoL process and loads of other information and reports tied to our AoL efforts. This area includes the COB student learning outcomes (SLOs), an alignment matrix (shows where the SLOs are woven into the core courses), syllabus template (strongly recommended for core courses), rubrics, and a variety of BADM, BSIS, and MBA assessment reports.

·        COB Policy Manual: Includes a variety of information related to the procedural and policy operations of the college, including academic integrity, office hours, curriculum management policy and procedures (forthcoming)

·        Department Policy Manuals: Department policy and procedures including information on RTP.

·        Undergraduate Core Curriculum (UCC): The primary responsibility of the UCC is to review and evaluate changes to the BADM and BSIS core program and courses. Any minor or major changes that influence the core curriculum need to be reviewed and approved by the UCC.  Here you will find the UCC mandate, minutes, the common core syllabus template, and a variety of reports. One report of note is the recent benchmark study of core programs at 34 COBs.


Yep, a whole night’s worth of reading and drooling.


I hope you find some value in the site.