From Human Resources: About Trainings

01/19/2016 10:54

To:       To All CSU, Chico Employees (faculty, staff and students employed by CSU, Chico)

From:   Human Resources Service Center (HRSC)

Re:       CSU Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation (DHR) Prevention Training


The CSU is committed to providing all employees and students with an educational and working environment that is free from illegal discrimination and harassment. To ensure that all employees—on all 23 campuses—receive information on what is illegal discrimination, harassment and retaliation (DHR) in the workplace, the CSU is requiring DHR prevention training.  This is in addition to Title IX training—EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Violence—assigned to all CSU employees earlier this year.


In other words, in addition to other required trainings, beginning this academic year, all CSU (state) employees will be required to complete one of the following two trainings:

o   CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-Supervisors – DHR training assigned to employees who don’t provide work direction to others. 1 hour every year.

o   EDU Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation – DHR training assigned to employees who lead or provide work direction to other employees. 2 hours every two years.


Non-supervisory employees will be assigned the “CSU: Preventing Discrimination and Harassment for Non-Supervisors” e-course. The Development and Training System (DTS) will email you if you’re assigned this training. The course will be assigned soon and due May 31, 2016. If you are sent a notice, please schedule time to complete this training. The course will be due again one year from the date you finish the training. Supervisory employees will continue to be assigned “EDU Supervisor: Anti-Harassment, Discrimination, Retaliation” in accordance with their already established training schedule.


Faculty who are unavailable to take the training because of their FERP schedule or sabbatical leave can obtain an extension to complete the training by contacting the Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation (DHR) Prevention Administrator—Dylan Saake—upon their return.


Computer Setup Needed to “Power Through” this e-Course

To avoid getting stuck in the middle of training, please read the following instructions.

  1. PC users: use Internet Explorer. Mac users: use Safari. (Don’t use Firefox.)
    • We recommend using a campus computer to pass through campus and CSU firewalls.
  2. Enable pop-ups for Illustrated instructions can be found here.  Click on “Enabling pop-ups for…” and select the red title with the name of the browser you’re using.
  3. Once you’ve enabled pop-ups, type the following in the URL of the browser:
    • You will be forwarded to the campus Training and Professional Development web page.
  4. Click the “Login to DTS” button or go to Quicklinks in the left navigation and select “Development and Training System”.
    • You will be prompted to enter your Chico State Portal/Email username and password. Then click the Login button.


Find Your Assigned Training

  1. Click any training assignment Track with a red or yellow progress bar to see e-courses that display “Launch” or “Retake” in the action column.
    • If no red exists, or you see “Review” in the action column, you are currently in compliance and no further action is needed.
  2. Click Launch or Retake next to the course title. 
    • Exit the training before exiting your browser to save your progress and completion.


Need Help?

We realize required online training can feel overwhelming or frustrating.  We have real people and 24/7 online information available to help you.


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