Final Weeks: Write and Practice Your Own Consulting Future

11/09/2019 09:59

Assignment: Please read Block's Chapters 13-14

The last few weeks, we'll focus on understanding how to grow your skill stack, and learn exactly what that means. This is the very core of consulting practice, and once you begin this exciting phase of the journey, I don't think you'll want to stop!

We'll discuss how to specifically prepare for success based on your unique, even natural, interests and areas of special endeavor. By now, you know you can make it as an extraordinarily helpful problem solver. The next weeks, we'll review and practice the entire skill set behind organizational advising, and coaching for imporved performance anytime, anywhere, with anyone, as I add to your consulting notebooks.


A consultant noted: As described in the McKinsey Quarterly 2014, Change Leader, Change Thyself, “In our work together with organizations undertaking leadership and cultural transformations, we’ve found that the best way to achieve an organization’s aspirations is to combine efforts that look outward with those that look inward. Linking strategic and systemic intervention to genuine self-discovery and self-development by leaders is a far better path to embracing the vision of the organization and to realizing its business goals.”

Are you sold on your own consulting capacity? Look inward, as you have been encouraged in this course. Think in terms of what you offer. 488 A Shared Opportunity.pptx (67892)

Hard-Won Lessons From Routine Process Disasters - Everyone has a  working process, but...

Case Study in Process Consulting.docx (12915)  -- Process and Purpose in Consulting   

Review - Upholding Esential Quality Standards Improvement Modeling for Quality Enterprise Enhancements.pptx (62406)

Represent Yourself Professionally.pptx (1991722)


We will review Chapters 13 and 14

Coaching in a process Consulting Context

Handling Consultancy Interviews (example PCubed)

Writing Professional Emails as a Consultant or Candidate

So Good They Can't ignore You

Consulting in Organizations.pptx (6000039)