Drawing Crowds at the College of Business

10/08/2016 16:14

Tim Heinz, Bill McGowan and a host of sales and marketing student pros-in-the-making hosted the very successful Second Annual Seufferlein Sales Program Fall kick-off last Tuesday night. Above, Tim and two students prepare for the event.

Bill picks up the story: “We had a packed house…the students met our five Platinum Partners, and then made some tough choices in our interactive Mythbuster’s Game. Representatives from five different student organizations were there, along with Career Center personnel and Jen Duggan from the COB student advising group.  It was a very successful night for the SSP as we signed up more than thirty-five students for our Sales Certificate Program, while also taking sign-ups for our new Ambassador Program…a win for all!"

Several students shared their excitement about the Seufferlein Sales Program. "It's about problem solving and offering solutions to people,” said Zach, already a part of the program. Krysti and Samantha, among the newest applicants, are attracted to the “challenges of the field…(as well as to) the challenge of gaining and holding the attention of others in a meaningful way.” 

Dean Judy Hennessey, below with Marketing faculty members Sinthia Shin and Youngsu Lee, supported the event with a presentation highlighting the significance of the program and the students and organizations that have benefited as a result. Congratulations to all for your part in orchestrating a most successful event!

But wait, there's more from

The whirlwind at the college continued Thursday as BIS student clubs hosted business partners and students for two key events. The Business Information Systems’ and SAP Club’s Meet and Greet, where firms come to “speed date” enthusiastic BIS students and MBAs, was also a resounding success, and why not? We know the world can’t work without excellent information systems in place. Also essential - well-educated individuals to manage the thousands of moving parts that comprise the information systems upon which so many depend. We have them, and businesses know that.
Bill Maligie and Christine Witt were among faculty supporting students

Friday morning, business partners, alumni, and faculty met with Dalen Chiang, Chair of the Department of BIS to discuss future plans at the Industry Council Meeting. Below, Dean Hennessey addresses the Council members.

By the way, have you heard of the SAP Next Gen Consulting? Well, can you imagine a physical and intellectual maker space where new ideas come to life, and innovative categories emerge? It's on the horizon.

There's no question - we at the College of Business are intent on making the most of every resource we have as we look toward the future, and prepare students to do exactly the same.


Reminder - The CELT Conference

Please consider attending the CELT conference this year on October 6th and 7th.  David Agoff, David Rahn, and I will be representing the College of Business at a couple of workshops. Find out more at www.csuchico.edu/celt/

The CELT Mission

We recognize that teaching effectiveness is the first, minimum, and indispensable requirement for faculty on this campus. Effective teaching is inseparable from a quality learning environment. Seeking to enhance the quality of our academic environment, the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at California State University, Chico is committed to rewarding and promoting the ability of our faculty to teach well, to finding ways to improve the learning process, and to providing support, training, and mentoring.

Hope to see you there!