Does February March?

02/28/2016 11:50

Yes, and April May. Ha Ha. Time's Flying.

Major Award and Recognition Earned by Two of Our Own

From Dean Judy Hennessey’s message to the COB faculty on Friday: “I am proud to draw your attention to (two) campus wide faculty achievement awards.  Damon Aiken and Tim Heinze from COB account for ½ of the campus’s Professional Achievement Honors Recipients.  Both Damon and Tim have made amazing contributions to the College, brought distinction to campus and their professions.”

We can only affirm the sentiment behind the honor: Tim and Damon, thank you for all you do.

Let’s continue with an energizing discussion relating to the potential of…

Chico Start!

For those who may not know, Chico Start is a startup incubator and a support community bringing startups from survive to thrive. COB faculty including Rand Hutchison, Mike Rehg, Colleen Robb, Peter Strauss and me join others from around the campus and business community to identify opportunities for making the most of this remarkable resource. Chico Start’s dynamic Director, Wendy Porter, is a great ideas-facilitator. The organization sponsors "Tech Talks," where you are cordially invited to network and share ideas. Next one is Tuesday, Feb. 16, at noon.

Also coming up a bit later this month…

Sustainable Relationships = Sustainability Success

Another great networking/educational opportunity for sustainability-minded faculty and students is on February 25. Lecturer Angela Casler, who also serves as Executive Director of Sustainability Management Associates, presents the following event hosted by Chico Bag. Check out her website too.

One of the COB’s newest lecturers, David Agoff, also offers an exciting opportunity, happening this  week on February 17th. Welcome to the official launch of the…

Management Club!

Join David and students at 7:00 pm in Glenn room 214. I know many of my students are interested in the club, and yours may be as well. The club’s purpose, as David says, is to “provide a fun, enriching, and experiential environment promoting the development of positive professional and life competencies.” All students interested in management, human resource management, or leadership are invited to participate.

Did you know?

A recent discussion on LinkedIn among major corporate leaders identified diversity, cultural competence, effective conflict resolution, and global mindset among the top eight career skills in most demand.  I tried to provide a link, but it appears it’s a closed group discussion. I include the news anyway, because this emphasis is evident in the courses we offer at the COB, and are reflected in extracurricular activities described right here in the newsletter.

Here's One Last Piece of Good News

Happy Valentine's Day to All