Delta Sigma Pi Honors Faculty

11/25/2016 21:47

On October 27th, the students of Delta Sigma Pi hosted a faculty and staff appreciation dinner. (I’ve posted a few photos – sorry I can’t fit all in.) One of the organizers, Kiaya Sabolovic, mentioned during our casual conversation that Associate Dean Ken Chapman helped make the dinner as special as it was. “We really wanted the food to be catered by a restaurant, and make it as nice as we could for all who were invited,” said Kiaya. “We couldn’t afford all that we envisioned, so we asked Associate Dean Chapman if there was any funding available for us to do a little more than the usual. He was so supportive of us.”

The dinner was a delightful, catered affair, and I was glad Kiaya filled me in on this behind-the-scenes info. We have support in more ways than we might realize. The students know it, and so do we. The Delta Sigma Pi dinner was yet another example of the respect students have for us, as well as the high regard in which the Dean’s office holds us as educators at the COB. Thank you, Ken. (And speaking of support, in the next and final issue of the COB Blog, I'll highlight some of the discussion that took place at the recent meeting to which you were all invited by Faculty Development, on the topic of professional advancement for lecturers.)




And Behind Our Great Students…

Is a faculty cheerleader or two, and sometimes more. Bill McGowan highlights the accomplishments of marketing student and Pi Sigma Epsilon member Michael Soldate, shown above, who competed at the PSE Regional Marketing Competition in San Diego on October 21st and 22ndThe mission of Pi Sigma Epsilon is to develop the sales and marketing skills of its members through experiential learning and professional opportunities. Michael shared his thoughts on the value of the experience of engaging with other inspired competitors:

I went to the competition not knowing what to expect, but I discovered that a room full of like-minded people could not only {sharpen} my skills but give me what I needed to succeed,” says Michael. “When I made my speech, I concentrated solely on what I was going to say; {but} it was the competition that made me bring my delivery to the next level. It was this energy that built my confidence and drive that ultimately won out in the end. Looking back, I am extremely grateful to have taken part in this opportunity as winning the competition gave me a much-needed push in the right direction that I am continuing to capitalize on today.

Congratulations from us all at the College of Business, Michael, and what can be said of the men and women who inspired you to be the best you could be, but...way to go, all! Really, there is no other way for those of us who appreciate what we do.

Behind the Pi Sigma Epsilon Chapter, is Yet another Story

This one, shared by Bill McGowan, will be especially appreciated by every one of you who have stood behind an effort to renew, revitalize, or sometimes even start a local chapter of a national organization. That’s many of you.  Bill tells the story in a recent email:

“The information... was sent from Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE) Headquarters last week, and shows a ranking related to new Pi Sigma Epsilon(PSE) chapters that were formed over this past academic year.   We are ranked #1 against the other new chapters as we capitalized on opportunities presented in the Chapter Operations Guide (COG).”  Fantastic news, Bill -- keep us posted.

Behind Every Country…

There are its champions and warriors. Recently Angela Casler and Larry Langwell extended an invitation to faculty for an upcoming event on November 9th. Please consider announcing this event to your classes so that your students may attend. Angela’s special note attached to the invitation is something worthy not only of reading, but reflecting upon. Let’s do all we can to support this event. Angela wrote,

“You are cordially invited to celebrate the Chico State Veteran's Day Celebration Wednesday, November 9, 2016 from 2pm - 4pm in Colusa Hall. Admission is free. We are honored that President Hutchinson, Congressman LaMalfa's office, and many distinguished guests and speakers will honor our student and campus veteran community. 

On a personal note, Larry and I have just learned of the passing of a former student vet. We will pay special tribute to our former 2008 President of the Chico State Student Veteran Organization Wes Shockley. He returned from the war in Iraq as a wounded army veteran. He joined the organization as a graduate student in behavioral science and achieved many special legacies for the Chico State SVO. After graduating, he served our community as a counselor at the Chico Vet Center where he has helped many. We will be honoring his life this Veteran's Day in particular.

Last year, the students created a display to bring attention to the average 22 veteran suicides per day that has been a trend that not too many people are aware of. This is our second loss to our Chico State SVO. There is no support for the counselors who are helping veterans. We hope to pass along his unbelievable kindness by honoring him and his family in all ways that we can. 

This year it would mean so much to all our students if we could pack the room and honor our veterans in droves.”


Finally, That Which Dwells Beneath the Surface of the Lives We Live

The Thanksgiving season is when we count blessings and acknowledge the mysteries that hold us together and/or afloat. We practice the art of being human in an imperfect world. Here are a few photographs taken in and around at Bonnie Persons’ beautiful new Chico area home. Its peacefulness surrounds visitors like a hug, and if you ever want to visit, let Bonnie know. Her door and heart are ever open, and I have availed myself of meditation by the creek on her land more than once. And what broke to the surface of consciousness last time?

Like a fish popping out from the recesses of time and memory, the final sentences of a favorite novel, Norman McLean’s A River Runs Through It:

In the…half-light of the canyon, all existence fades to a being with my soul and memories and to the sounds of the River…and the hope that a fish will rise.
Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it. The river was cut by the world's great flood and runs over rocks from the basement of time. On some rocks are timeless raindrops. Under the rocks are words, and some of the words are theirs. I am haunted by waters.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Season and please enjoy a few photos of an ordinary extraordinary day. Count your blessings, and your friends.