David Agoff's Halloween House

11/05/2015 15:24


Of course, I had to ask – when did all this Halloween decorating begin for David? “My Halloween interest started young,” David replied, “back to the opening of Disney’s Haunted Mansion in the summer of 1969.”

The collections expanded through the years, especially as David’s family grew. He’s been married to Balinda for 29 years. Daughter Rachael, a CSUC grad, is married and teaches in Chico. Their son, James is engaged and is a current CSUC student.

In our brand new Faculty Profiles tab - located at top left of this page right next to the globe - you’ll find a more extended bio on David. Here are a couple of highlights:

·        For the past quarter of a century he has been the Director of Human Resources and Recruiting for Matson and Isom, a north state based company.

·        David holds certifications from many organizations, including the Society of Human Resource Management and Dale Carnegie.

I always sit up a little straighter when he’s in the office, partly because he’s a positive guy, and partly because David also happens to be a certified body language professional.

Interested in dropping by his home to see the decorations, and his extensive collection of Disney memorabilia and Halloween tableaus? Drop him a line!



 NO, not this! The above is one of David's inventions. 

What I did dig up resulted from a recent class discussion of corporate social responsibility tools and tactics.  I presented the Code of Ethics and Conduct around which the company I run is centered.  A student asked: “Do students and professors here also have codes of conduct?” Well, I knew the answer was yes, but as to specifics regarding faculty, I was caught a little short. Actually, I could not cite a single point without guessing.  If you are curious, too, or haven't looked at them in awhile, here they are.  FPPPCOE.docx (26575)



Another of our new faculty members, Kristin Minetti, took 40 students to Wanderful, Inc., to give them first-hand experience talking to senior managers (who happen to be CSUC alumni) about how to create an engaged and motivated workplace environment. “It was a really cool experience,” says Kristin, and her students clearly agree.