College of Business Earns Seal of Approval

02/13/2016 18:24

Well, what we’ve actually earned is the Approval of a Seal. This Seal of Excellence, closely related to the Good Housekeeping Seal but even better, is here to congratulate us on five accomplishments, including…

1.      Good Housekeeping, Of Course

At the recent COB faculty meeting, Associate Dean Ken Chapman rolled out Activity Insight, an easy-to-use database that he and Jim Sager had been working on for some time.  AI helps us to maintain the orderly store of information that will support the delivery of on-demand data that AACSB reviews require. All faculty, including new lecturers, are asked to update their info by March 27th for an initial trial run. It’s quick and it’s easy. You can find more information on AI on this site, or on the brand-new...

2.      BBLearn Resource Center

As also mentioned at the faculty meeting, Ken put together a COB Resource Center in BBLearn. Sign into your portal, access Blackboard Learn, and in My Organizations, you should now see College of Business Resource Center. This page serves as an orientation to the COB, and includes information presented by Dean Judith Hennessey on short and longer term goals.  Thank you Ken for pulling this together! Which leads us to…

3.      Another Contribution from a Fellow Faculty Member

Rick Hubbard has always been generous in responding to others’ requests for ideas to bring into their classrooms. This week he shared an active learner’s guide he’s distributed in his classes. Those interested will find the document in the Experience & Experiments tab.  I found especially useful a special supplement in his Guide - “You Benefit by Understanding Systems,” which starts on page 22. Perhaps you will find his guide useful and adaptable to your own use as well. 

4.      Faculty Helping Faculty

With our schedules, it isn’t often easy to find time to help other educators with projects. I know it happens, though, and hope to have more news of this nature to share in upcoming blogs, so please keep me posted.  For now, I want to personally acknowledge the offer of assistance from Ghadir Ishqaidef, Colleen Robb, and Mike Rehg on a project I started over break that continues throughout this semester.  Thanks so much for your advice and input. I would have been stuck at several points without you. Also, thanks to Arno Rethans – our conversations seeded the project. Speaking of helpful people…

5.      College of Business Students Offer Free Tax Preparation Service

Sue Maligie brings news of a great continuing contribution to the community. The CSU, Chico Chapter of Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary organization for financial information students and professionals, has once again partnered with the IRS to provide free tax prep services starting February 1st. Thanks to all who give their time and energy to this important work. For more information on this program click here.

We’ve gotten off to a busy start, as usual. Please note that this site has been reorganized again, in hopes that some communications stay front and center so you don’t need to dig into past emails to find information when you need it, as you need it. Again, don't forget the search box assistance.

And don’t forget, please fill in your profile on Activity Insight by March 27th. It only takes a little time; if you wait too long something bad could happen.

Now, check out the travel advice from Tess ---> You and your wallet will be glad you did when you need to be reimbursed. Thanks Tess, and Laurie, and Katherine (MGMT STUDENT) for keeping us on track.