Carpe Momentum: It’s a Way of Perceiving

03/03/2018 11:58

Behold the beauty of the carp in movement against the gentle waves of change. But will they maintain that movement in the face of the bigger wave? This is for leaders and poets to debate. And fish.

The College of Business’ kick-off meeting in January revealed the important progress we've made within our respective areas. Just as our AACSB evaluators perceived us, so we were and are...GREAT. We know what’s possible when constraints are removed, when we're heard and encouraged, when contributions are acknowledged as valuable, and when even small wins are placed into meaningful context. Putting all the pieces together into a  framework we can all understand and appreciate comprises one of the fine arts of leadership. Dean Judy, we are so grateful.

Students benefit from enhanced teamwork too. Case in point: Jim Downing shared an excited note from a student related to an achievement Judy shared with us as an entrepreneurship team accomplishment. The event was Student Startup Madness, and our Chico State winner expressed her appreciation for the talent on the faculty that enabled her to place. “I am proud,” she wrote to Jim, “that the business plan you helped me make landed me in the top 32! First time Chico has gotten in, let alone the semi-finals, and I can’t thank you enough.”

Carpe Momentum. Teams win when each player performs at the level a given task before him or her demands. With the right framework in place, as we also see in the many other successes Judy shared, it culminates in goodness, and is a source of pride. Directors of our distinctive programs are the drivers, and when batons are passed, the next in line is ready.

“Carpe Momentum”- Seize the Moment – was the mantra of Coach Harvey Dorfman, the late, world-class mental training coach for the Oakland A’s and the Florida Marlins, and author of Coaching the Mental Game: Leadership Philosophies and Strategies for Peak Performance in Sports and Everyday Life. Seizing each moment, envisioning momentum as the result of a series of expertly executed tasks, moves us individually and as a team to where we most want to be, if we want it enough.

Here are a few of the Coach’s insights on the attitude of persistent willingness that this energy requires:

-          The athlete/performer has a calling, and a responsibility to take care of him- or herself 

-          Change, welcome or not, requires a willingness to remain grounded in excellence and principles. This includes remaining attentive to others’ needs, developing a sense of what will help in a specific situation, and sensing what's likely to choke potential.

-          Each moment, we “take to the field” our attitudes, demeanor, expressions, our light and deep conversations. We are literally a force.

-          Coaching is teaching, and vice versa.

Stay Fierce!



Un-Oh. Obstacle Ahead: Avoid, Avoid!



DOSSIER DUE. My mellow was seriously harshed when I received that wake-up call recently. In the spirit of helping those whose dossiers will be due a bit further into the future than within the next two weeks, this list from Jeff Trailer will help you be prepared, thereby avoiding the cry-scene above. Start soon, stay relaxed. Thank you, Jeff!

          Department RTP standards (this is available from the MGMT dept office.  It is likely that the current policy is already in your Dossier)

-          Evidence of teaching excellence (FPPP 9.2.2.c.1)  (The following things should be placed under this tab...)

o   Teaching philosophy (FPPP 8.1.3.e.2) (This is optional, but if you craft a statement it would go here at the beginning of this section)

o   Narrative reflection on evaluations of teaching (SETs and Peer evaluations) (This is optional, but if you are concerned about student scores or feedback this is an opportunity to discuss your point of view in interpreting the scores)

o   Quantitative summary of SETs, select qualitative comments for each class taught (FPPP 8.1.3.e.4, instruction) (This is optional.  The SET reports for your classes are in another document binder called the WPAF, so this summary is largely redundant)

o   List of courses taught (This is optional.  The courses you teach are apparent from the Syllabus you include, which is the next item(s)).

o   Syllabi  (This is required.  Print and insert here each syllabus, even if that syllabus is created by the course coordinator)

o   Exams & Quizzes  (This is required.  Print an example of each exam)

o   Assignments.  (This is required.  Print an example of every type of assignment, or at least the directions for each)

o   Selected graded assignment examples

-          Evidence of other work assignments (FPPP 9.2.2.c.2)

o   Non-teaching appointments in your contract (e.g., advising, internship supervision, lab coordinator, etc.)


-          Evidence of currency in the discipline / professional growth

o   Certifications, licensing, credentials 

o   Workshops (CELT, lecturer series. FLCs, AeL, etc.)

o   Professional conferences

o   Off-campus training / continuing education

o   Keeping current with academy/industry

§  Alumni outreach / guest speakers


-          Evidence of service to the university / professional achievement

o   Curriculum development / innovation

·       Committee work at the department / college / university level


There you have it for this month. Keep me posted on books, accomplishments, ideas, etc. And remember: Respect momentum’s power, and remain in the controlling position!