Bulls, Broncs, Bikes and Bruises

10/01/2015 19:42

If you are a city person like me, you may have never been to an event so quintessentially reflective of Northern California western heritage and culture asThe  21st Annual National Bullriding Championship Finals at the Silver Dollar Fairgrounds– featuring Bulls, Broncs, and Bikes.

I pulled on my big-girl pointy toe boots to join colleagues from the COB to support our team, Positive Calf Flow,  as they competed against other brave men, women, and children…all trying to put t-shirts on naked baby cows.

Here’s our extraordinarily good-looking team, shown moments before their date with destiny: Sean Morgan, Colleen Robb, and Jim Downing (avowed city guy – he lived in the town next to mine near Chicago,) pictured with David Halimi, Event Producer and fellow faculty member.

Team confidence was high, despite there having been a couple of tough acts for them to follow: The tiny 5- to 6- year old mutton-bustin’ riders were adorable. And there were the heart-stopping Bikers, showing off like bikers do. 


Undaunted, our mighty team of  calf-dressers strode purposefully onto the field at the appointed time, and then charged headlong toward an estimated three thousand pounds of veal.

Victory came, but at a price. Sean got bonked hard on his face, Colleen got a black eye, and Jim emerged bowed and a little breathless.  As my Appalachian-born grandma used to say, “Nature has a way of having her say in all matters that confront her.”  Calves included. But our team’s strategy of resolute action combined with clever diversion tactics served them well, and their spirits were strong.

Although they lost to a team of 14-year-olds, they beat the US Army team. Some folks could not get enough of our team – they want to see more of the Flow.

Is  Positive Calf Flow a sustainable proposition, to be seen, perhaps, at future events? When Sean, Colleen, and Jim are done basking in the glory of their win and have recovered from residual effects – just ask. They probably could use a few more wrastlers on Positive Calf Flow for next time, preferably one that owns a tranquilizer dart gun.  Let them know if you’re  interested.

 Or consider joining Marc’s and my team: Aw Heck No.


Say “Yes” to This

A less risky opportunity to have fun and support our colleagues came about thanks to an invitation to us from our own social coordinator, Jim Downing.   At least 10 of us (I lost count—people came in and out) met last week at a local bar eatery.These informal social events are open to all, and are a great way to get to know colleagues. Be on the alert for the next group invite, and do try to join us. You may not emerge a legend from these easy-going events, but…well, life's full of surprises and unexpected opportunities for immortality, so you never know.  At least, everyone is smiling at the end.


In Other News (Literally)

Fate also tapped fellow faculty member David Rahn’s shoulder in the form of a September 23rd interview and USA Today article that’s already been shared more than 2 million times in social media. David oversees the development of students’ ideas in his role as the Director of e-Incubator and lecturer of strategy and entreprenuership at the College. The idea started as an app designed to keep students off their cell phones in class and transformed into something with a much broader application in the business world. 

Read all about it in this USA Today College news release.

BBL Series: September 30

The Brown Bag Lunch Series is going strong! Hosted by Hyunjung Kim, it’s meeting next Wednesday, September 30, at noon in Tehama 303. Featured presenter is Suzanne Zivnuska. Come participate in lively discussion surrounding emergent research in engaging topics of interest to all.

Now,  Take Your Students to the TOP…

…of their game. Encourage them to participate in the first ever Chico State Elevator Pitch Competition! Sponsored by The Center for Entrepreneurship, led by the the remarkable Peter Straus, the contest is set for Wednesday, November 18. Participants will present 90-second pitches that describe their business or product; the problem or need being solved, the competitive advantage, and the commercial potential of their venture. Winners take home prizes!