Assignment in Lieu of Class Meetings Feb 14 and Feb 17

02/10/2020 19:18

Chapter 5 of your text describes the critical activity of planning for results in a business endeavor. 

Here, you will find a worksheet you can download, adapt as you see fit, and use to do the following: MBO Worksheet.docx (17223)

Each student is to define TWO significant goals for themselves. (That's TWO Separate MBO worksheets). These goals can relate directly to improving yourself, and/or a business you are interested in, or a situation you would like to improve. 

You will now plan for success.

Use MBO as the planning strategy to devise the appropriate steps to help make the goal a reality. There is no specific format best used for MBO – here’s general guidance on how it’s used, and the thought process by which it is developed.  It also includes examples.  As mentioned, you can adapt the basic worksheet accordingly. You will know you have succeeded when your goals appear achievable. 

Send this to me when it is complete, no later than Tuesday 18th.  Please use this as your subject line: MGMT303 Submission.


Please begin to review Chapter 6, Strategic Management.