Activity Insight Rolls Out

01/31/2016 11:23

"AI" is not to be confused with AL. And despite the misleading photograph, "AI" is also not to be confused with the 2001 Spielberg movie that I'm still trying to figure out - is it a) insightful and brilliant or b) really dumb?

For our purposes, AI stands for Activity Insight, and there is nothing dumb or confusing about it.  Both brilliant AND insightful, it lives up to its hype. (See the entirety of Ken Chapman's email to us to your right.) AI makes our professional documentation available in a concise, ready-to-run format to help keep our professional accomplishments and qualifications in one place for AACSB and other reviews.

I filled in my information in 30 minutes. Of course, those with lengthy publication lists will take longer, but it is still easy to find your pubs and create the documents in the necessary format for downloading into nthe program. Thanks to all who worked on this - it certainly lives up to the promise of "easy." Thanks especially to Drs. Ken Chapman and Jim Sager for all the AI that went into the project. (AI = Action-oriented intelligence).

Note to lecturers who have been around a few years: be sure to check the CV that has been downloaded for you. It may need updating.