A Study in Motion at the College of Business: Going Up?

05/07/2016 16:56

How high is up? Ask our own Ghadir Ishqaidef, Assistant Professor of Management.  Ursinus College has recently announced her as their 2016 Rising Star Award Winner, noting that Ghadir’s accomplishments include co-authorship of eleven manuscripts, and nine presentations at national or international conferences. Formerly an assistant professor at the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and an expert in Human Resource Management, Ghadir co-authored a study that earned the Best Paper Award in the Health Care Management Division at the 2008 Academy of Management Meeting. A warm and friendly colleague, Ghadir’s work with her partners here at the COB is much appreciated, and we are pleased to offer our heartfelt congratulations on the honor she’s received.

Promising Practices: Many Moving Parts

Congratulations also to David Rahn, who's been working on a grant proposal for a course re-design. His project, titled “Promising Practices,” has recently been funded.  David says “It’s interesting how much work goes into the process of winning a grant, and how many people are involved.”   He acknowledges the early assistance of Zach Justus of Faculty Development and a team helping to shape grant proposals at a CELT workshop held in the beginning weeks of the semester. “Mike Rehg was involved early and often, and of course he and Dean Judy Hennessy had to approve the effort,” notes David.  “There was lots of discussion, especially with course coordinators Suzanne Zivnuska and Ghadir Ishqaidef to be sure that what I was proposing was going to line up with their visions for the program. I also spoke with Matt McLaughlin and Bill Maligie - who was a huge help - about online course design. Now there is nothing left to do but the work!”

With so many good people involved putting the parts together, we look forward to a successful result.  Congratulations both to David and those who supported his idea.

Meetings Can Be Marvelous…

…when they are as well-executed as the First Northern California Veteran’s Conference. Angela Casler and her team worked tirelessly on the event, which attracted veterans looking to network and hone job-seeking skills.  COB Advancement Director Kristine Mazzei, employment counselors, and hiring directors (including me) were on hand to conduct mock interviews and assist with offering key contacts and resources according to the unique circumstances of each veteran who came to us.  Kristine and I chatted later about the experience and how mutually rewarding that engagement was. Thank you again Angela for the important work you do, and for encouraging us to be part of it.


Money Justly Earned is Marvelous, Too

Brianna Ellis, Coordinator at the Student Success Center, reported that the Smart Salary Workshop offered on March 30th was at full capacity and a resounding success. The matter of gender-based salary discrepancy persists, and she and I would like to keep the conversation current for the sake of those students looking to join the workplace on equitable terms that reflect their value. Brianna has shared information with me in the form of a proceeding, which I am happy to pass along in detail to anyone wishing to know more about the workshop. Thanks to Brianna for arranging this! For more information, check the AAUW link describing the workshops. And if you are interested in later breaking news on gender pay discrepancies, I came across this article on Thursday.

Hey, Is That an Eagle Yonder On the Foggy Horizon?

Associate Professor of Accounting Jeffrey Decker recently shared an update on the progress of the Voluntary Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA). VITA, a group he serves as faculty advisor, helps community residents with tax returns. He shared the following information in a recent email to us:

“The financial impact on the community continues to grow.  1,137 returns have been filed, generating $676,019 in refunds.  Combining the refunds with the savings of tax return preparation (1,137 * $261), $296,757, means that the VITA impact is currently at $972,776, pushing the $1 million mark, which is the goal that the VITA team would like to achieve this year.  VITA volunteers have put in over 800 hours.  This is a group of students who are genuinely dedicated to giving back to the community in a meaningful way.”

Thank you Jeffrey for your part in ensuring a strong - and perhaps 2016 Eagle Award-winning - program that is of such significance to the community.