Live Interviews for New Grad Consultants - Examples

In the videos here, interviewees engage in multiple rounds of "fit interviews" with global consulting firms seeking new hires. While the interviews are intimidating, much of what you see can be learned; but you must be willing to think and learn throughout the course.  If you understand, to your fullest capacity, the elements of a fit interview as we break them down, you'll bring value to any organization of which you are a part.
Bottom line:  know how to address  problems, and be able to communicate clearly as you offer approaches in future case interviews. It's about knowledge, experiences,attitude and comportment. It's not about the lingo as much as what you understand. Confidence is key.
As Professor Bob Sutton of Stanford says:  “(My advice to students is to have) strong opinions, weakly held.”
You will also have practice in interactive scenarios - and in the process, learn how to think through a business case and credibly communicate your findings. Perfection is not required - a level head is. And an even-keeled approach to problem solving is welcome in any career path you choose.
Exercise courtesy of Oliver Lehmann Project Management Training


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