Especially if you are new educator at the College of Business, I highly recommend a review of the items below. Contributions represent the creative, encompassing efforts of oustanding mentors able to inspire and assist us with our own efforts. 
From Curt DeBerg:

As you know, a couple years ago, I “flipped” my principles of accounting classroom. In doing so, I made about 50 brief videos (3 to 10 minutes in length) and uploaded them to YouTube. These videos replaced my regular lectures, and now I’ve created several cases/reading assignments that align with the videos.

Now, I have abandoned the standardized textbook completely, and my students are performing better than when I used the traditional textbook. And instead of paying $260 for a new book, students buy a much less expensive “Course Pass” allowing them access to all my materials (Dean Judy agreed to let me charge a fee for this course pass, as an incentive to continually keep the videos, cases, quizzes, and other course materials up to date).

If you would like more information about how I flipped the class, how I’ve implemented the Course Pass system please let me know, please let me know. My cell is 530.520.7370. My preferred email is

A brief video describing the course can be found here: To access a course pass, go here:   / Go to and click on "already a member? Login here"  /Then enter these credentials as they have access to the full site:

Login:     Password: TESTing321


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