Final Course Deliverable - 50 points - Due on Finals Day

Throughout this class, I would like you to reflect on your own capacity to manage and to lead, which is an essential skill. We'll debate later on what the difference between "managing" and "leading" is!
This semester, consider an industry and/or position you feel you might do well in. Here is the assignment:
Make up a name for the hiring manager of this organization. Suppose you come across an opening for a position that leads to management.
Write a personal letter to this person explaining why you would do well in the organization - what you bring to the table and why you deserve a shot.  For this, emphasize your managerial knowledge. Are you a good planner, good with setting strategy or goals, good at motivating others, etc? As we study the areas, how you fit should become clearer.
This letter should be 500 - 750 words. It should represent your "take" on what it means to manage a position, and those working within it.
Criteria: This letter must be clear, convincing, and interesting to read through. Strike a balance between respect for the position and respect for what you might bring to the table. If you have any problems or questions, I'll help you through.