Where is the Business Student Success Center?

Find them in Glenn 202.  Additional information, including services and daily hours are below. Student Success Center

What Does the Student Learning Center Offer?

Check out the range of assistance offered on their website:  www.csuchico.edu/slc/

Where can I find information on the Accessibility Resource Center, or ARC?

You can find information on accessibility at Chico State right here. Click the link to go to the ARC website. Do familiarize yourself with our Center, as many students take advantage of all it has to offer. When a student discloses a relationship with the Center, you will know what to do...

How can I find out if the room to which my course is assigned has "smart technology"?

Check here: www.csuchico.edu/classrooms/classrooms/classroom-locations.shtml

Who do I contact for personal Blackboard Learn support?

Response as of Spring 2016: Christine Sharrio has kindly extended her offer to assist us as needed! There is also the option of the visiting the Miriam Library basement room 002 where students are available to help. Instructional Design Consultant Certified Quality Matters Peer Reviewer California...

Where can I find the latest version of RTP Standards? I am working on my dossier.


How can I find the comprehensive COB information posted on BBLearn?

If you are fairly new to BB Learn, follow these steps: Sign into your portal, access Blackboard Learn, and in My Organizations, you should now see College of Business Resource Center. If you need any help, you can phone a friend, either me or someone else: 224-234-6986.

What is Activity Insight (AI) and Why Do I Need to Participate?

The College of Business has adopted Activity Insight (AI) as our tool to collect, organize, and report faculty professional activities and contributions. This replaces an older system, and will be used to compile information needed to re-credit with AACSB. There is plenty of help available should...

What goes into my dossier?

Recommended Dossier Outline:   8.1.3 Evaluation of Faculty – Evidence – Dossiers   8.1.3.e As the purpose of the dossier is to provide evaluators with the information and material necessary to accurately judge the candidate’s performance in the areas listed herein, the...

Can you provide a brief lay of the land in terms of campus department responsibilities?

It depends on what you need. Are you new, and looking for specific answers to payroll questions? Shoot an email to this dedicated address: payroll@csuchico.edu. Here’s a handy Whoozit Map to help newer colleagues understand the greater lay of the University Land, and where to find specific...
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