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Week 12: Managing Change and Innovation

04/03/2020 13:54
Homework: Please put “303” in the Subject Line  In addition to answering the questions within the presentation, that are embedded within the slides, please respond to the following:   1. Can you identify with any of the reasons for resisting change, listed on the final slide? Have...

Week 11 - More on Culture and a Set of Questions

03/28/2020 19:32
Hi all, I hope you are getting through this difficult time all right. If you did not receive a grade on last week's work in the BB gradebook, and you submitted your response, please let me know. This week, I am staying on the topic of culture because it's a very practical area for you to...

Week 10: The Significance of Corporate Culture

03/20/2020 14:03
Hi all, when you are able, or when you return, I have two items for you to review. Then, at the bottom of this page, you will find a few questions. Please read and reflect upon the questions, then write me an email at with the answers in the body of the email. Please send...

Special Note

03/17/2020 13:08
Dear All: General Plans From Here to End of Semester I realize you have a lot on your plate balancing the specific requirements of each course, so that you are able to maintain performance. Here's basic info on how my courses will run; at the re-start of classes:    There are no...

No in person classes March 13-24

03/11/2020 10:18
Be well! Keep up with email for student info.

Week 8 - The Week Before Break

03/06/2020 17:07
Monday - a decision making exercise for 15 points Wed= Midterm - you don't need anythng but a pencil and eraser Friday - Midterm de-brief and short intro to culture and its significance. Appropriate for the times, we'll look at organizational commitments to keeping people healthy. Important for...

Week 7 - Business (and We) Are the Sum of Our Decisions

02/28/2020 16:00
This week we focus on Individual and Group Decision Making.  Ch 7 Slides -2.pptx (784834)

Week 6: All About Strategy - Including How it Differs From Shorter Term Planning

02/21/2020 21:29
 No.   We'll finish our slides, practice remembering what we know, and hey - here's a cool website for you all (other than this one). Strategic Planning, easily explained SIMPLE-MODEL.png (356 kB) Strategic Mgt.pptx (1,2 MB) Strategic Planning - Strats v Tactics.jpg...

Baking Success Into Your Overall Plan

02/18/2020 19:21
I truly am enjoying reading your MBO exercises. I'll try to get all my grading done over the weekend. Wednesday, we'll discuss the pros and cons of planning, highlighting its significance to the best results we can achieve...then we move into the next chapter: Strategic Planning - Strats v...

Assignment in Lieu of Class Meetings Feb 14 and Feb 17

02/10/2020 19:18
Chapter 5 of your text describes the critical activity of planning for results in a business endeavor.  Here, you will find a worksheet you can download, adapt as you see fit, and use to do the following: MBO Worksheet.docx (17223) Each student is to define TWO significant goals for...
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