What can you learn from a course in organizational consulting

in exchange for the work you’ll put into it? 

Choose your adventure.

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Through practicing the science of sound reasoning combined with the art of impactful communication, this course helps young professionals bring their personal best to their chosen fields of endeavor. Become a trusted advisor, mentor...consultant.


Do you want to work for a big consulting firm? The course provides a roadmap to help you arrive at the gate, offering the approach, the tools, the presence, and language to help you break in - and expand your opportunities once you're there.

Are you an entrepreneur? This course offers a menu of proven, practical approaches that sharpen your acumen, enabling you to analyze situations and move closer to your target market in terms of relevance and sales.

Looking for a way to create a niche for yourself within an organization of any size, where you can thrive in helping a variety of teams do their best work? You'll never be bored as a go-to person adept at problem solving and team-building.

The course helps anyone prepare for work in today’s gig economy, securing your relevance and attractiveness to employers over the long haul of an ever-changing economy. You'll have options!

Drawing on the advice and experience of advisors that represent McKinsey, Bain, and other great firms, as well as freelancers, professor-consultants from Harvard, MIT, University of Dallas and consulting clubs affiliated with fine universities across the country, this course enables the emergence of your best professional self, which is– as Shu Hattori of McKinsey asserts—a subset of your personal best self.